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« Santana also identifies as Latina, and Latina culture, and we have to respect, as fans and observers, what she chooses to identify with. (That said, Latina isn't a sociological race, and Santana can still be considered AfroLatina which is p cool). But honestly, Blaine hasn't ever discussed his race, or identified strongly with anything regarding it, and white isn't default so. » — Anonymous
« I think it's weird when people consider Blaine part Asian on the show. We have seen cooper and he looks nothing like him and I don't get why people always say that Blaine is Asian but seem to forget that Santana (naya) is part black. » — Anonymous

People say Blaine is part Asian based on the fact that Darren is. Glee never said anything about his race but that doesn’t automatically suggest he’s just white as a default.

If anything the writers just wanted Matt Bomer to play Cooper, which still isn’t an excuse, but I’ve seen people suggest that maybe adoption was a factor or remarriage. 

Naya is a whole different situation. it has to do with the fact that a lot of people just don’t know, and most of the time People being gross about it and denying it. 

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